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With over 700 live networks across the UK, Retail & Leisure has grown rapidly to become one of the leading suppliers of public Wi-Fi networks in high footfall areas across the UK – ranging from Shopping Malls, Retail Parks, Town Centres and over 300 Forecourt C-Stores.

Our seamless guest Wi-Fi is vital for your customers to stay longer, spend more, and know your business better, via the analytics portal we provide as a part of your network. 

Simply put - we simplify Wi-Fi!

Using the latest hardware, supported by the most intelligent software, Retail & Leisure has built a network which is monitored remotely and around the clock by our team, based at our head office.

With sales and support offices in both Edinburgh and London, we offer a fast and dynamic service to our customers. 

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Retail & Leisure offers the best in class with excellent service and value for money. Besides the high-speed connectivity, gain rich onsite data collection for behavioural and demographic insights and engage with visitors using fully customisable login experience . 

Retail & Leisure takes great pride in collaborating with landlords, agencies, councils, and BIDs throughout the UK. Through our free public Wi-Fi captive portal and footfall tracking devices, we gather invaluable demographic information and behavioural observations.

By having free public Wi-Fi, our clients can increase community and visitor engagement, provide greater access to essential services, enable digital-driven initiatives, maximise use of public spaces, reduce digital poverty, and develop a new town centre experience!

Retail & Leisure provides excellent connection for EV App downloads and parking payment systems. -Provide coverage in difficult areas including basements and remote location. 

Make use of customer idle time and encourage visitors t visit nearby retailers – average dwell of 35 minutes at ultra fast EV charge points.

Retail & Leisure have teamed up with a top manufacturer and one of the UK’s leading out of home advertising agencies to bring you these digital hand sanitiser units which produce an additional revenue for you.

Get in touch with us today to find out more! 

We strongly believe that assessing the effects of business initiatives and obtaining practical insights will hold equal significance to the strategies themselves. 

With our comprehensive solution, our clients have the ability to gain valuable insights into their audiences, engage with visitors and effortlessly convey offers, promotions, events, notices, facilities, and services.

Retail & Leisure offers clients an affordable, state-of-the-art, highly accurate and discrete footfall counting solution to enable well-informed and faster decision making for shopping centres, retail parks, town centres, forecourts and more. 

We help clients track consumers’ physical behaviours and monitor visitor trends in order to develop actionable insights and analytics to help maximise every foot of your space!